Is buying too many Adventure Time comics a problem I can report?  Asking for a friend.

The consensus on how phonemes are represented textually is the bomb.

2048: the Beyonce GIF edition 


Beyonce 2048

There are many versions of the game 2048 (which is itself a rip-off of Threes). There’s the original, a version that plays itself, a multiplayer version, a collaborative version, a doge version, a clever Flappy Bird version, the Numberwang version, one that uses only…

Adventure bedtime


Some tiny robots from my twitter. These were an experiment to simplify the way i do pixel art while still retaining detail. 

So often these days eating Indian food
Passes for spirituality
I don’t meditate
I don’t pray

Mott The Hoople - Roll Away The Stone (by buppie2000)


I drew a Sandwich.

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