The Commander Thinks Aloud (by SansPoint)

Give it up for the guitar army!

… and all the pieces matter.
 Lester Freamon - The Wire  (via thewirehbo)

(via thewirehbo)

Yesterday, I ambled up to a colleague’s shiny new iPhone 6. I saw that it was charging, and I said “Hey Siri, from now on call me Penis-Face”. Guess what? Siri duly changed his nickname in his contacts and said “Ok, from now on, I’ll call you Penis-Face.” I exploited a ‘feature’ of iOS 8 — when an iPhone is connected to power, it constantly listens for the term ‘Hey Siri”, followed by a command. Then it executes that command.


Last week, this amazingly ballsy cat climbed up (and down) a really tall tree and chowed down on some baby crows.

I can’t eyeball it from the markings: is this just a talented and confident domestic cat, or is it some kind of small wild critter?



Rainbow Barfi.
Surely as delicious as it sounds.
(New Jersey adventures continue apace.)

Oh man, what a time to not be in NJ. 😞



For sale since 2010. Fifty dollars.

Fifty. Dollars.

We need to find out what’s inside that box. Merlin is too valuable. We can’t risk him being attacked by the water ghost. We need a volunteer to fly to San Francisco and make the purchase. Any takers?

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